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Never let the fire in your heart go out. Keep it alive. Serve the Lord. Romans 12:11


Hey Ladies,

Thank you for inquiring about this amazing opportunity. So, What is It? The Rekindling Project is my mission to empower, inspire, and influence 12 women throughout next year, 2019. My desire is to share with you the experiences, lessons and ideas that I have accumulated over my life span and career. It is my desire to see us all WIN and I realize that one part of my purpose is directly tied to promoting, encouraging, teaching, and growing other women. I am making the commitment to set aside dedicated time in which we will learn and grow together. I have partnered with other women, that will assist to further deepen your business knowledge and understanding.


What am I looking for? I want women who are ready to GO FORTH in their God-given abilities and strength. Maybe, you started something and stopped because you felt like you didn't have the resources you needed to move forward; or maybe you are already operating in your business but you need to re-brand, redevelop and ignite some areas in your business or ministry. Well, You are in the right place!


Please understand that not every woman can be selected to be apart of this project. therefore, it is imperative that you apply as soon as possible. There is NO COST to you to receive the one-month coaching and resources. However, future sessions and services may be added at an optional added cost.

Time for Fueling. I'm here to Ignite the Flame, It's up to you to Keep it Burning!  LET'S GO!




  • 1 Month Commitment to Project Plan.

  • Open Mind and Willingness to Learn & Grow

  • Technologically Savvy

  • Access to Internet and Email

  • Positive Attitude and Business Drive

  • Flexibility and Basic Communication skills


  • Once you are selected, you will receive a "Letter of Acceptance".

  • Be prepared to share your idea, vision and mission.

  • Have an expectation of what you want to learn or develop.

  • Be available for One on One Coaching and Individual Assignments.


  • 1 Month Mentorship  with Sheka.

  • Business Plan Development

  • Business Branding

  • Logo Creation

  • Scheduled One on One Coaching Sessions

  • Project Workbook Material

  • Project T-shirt & Tote

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