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Royal Oil is a leader in Christian apparel with a focus on young to middle-aged females.  We provide women with an unprecedented selection of custom, fashionable apparel designs that ultimately express who they are in Christ. We do offer a small selection of male garments as well.

We believe that women are peculiar and each one has a different story line. From these stories radiate their intelligence, wisdom, endurance and beauty. Our vision is to create a fashionable platform that unites women together while empowering them to feel beautiful, share their story lines and allow them to express through outer garments the beauty that lies within them. 


Our motto "Show and Flow" is a representation of what we inspire women to do everyday! She shows forth the Glory of God and  flows in her own oil so the world may see it and feel it.


In an effort to maintain our core principles of women empowerment, please note that Royal Oil classifies women sizes slightly different than standard US Sizes. 

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